Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hey there!! First post so here goes!

Well this is me embarking on a new adventure with my vintage shop and yes I do look happy because I am, my life has completely changed within a very short period of time, Ive moved to the beautiful land of Wales, even more importantly ive found the love of my life and im engaged!!!!And now ive  decided its time to to embark on some of the things I always wanted to do but never quite found the time for when bringing up a family! Ive always had a facination with Antiques and collectables, more recently Vintage clothing and accessories, especially hats, although funnily enough they do not suit me at all, but I appreciate them all the same, so I hope to add a variety of hats and of course vintage clothing to my shop, indeed its early days but with a littlle bit of luck and a whole load of determination I will aim to run a successful buisness and bring a little happiness to the collectors of this world....love to you all........Mary-rose xx 

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