Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Bank holiday!!!

Hello there everyone!!
Well finally we have some hot sunshine here in Wales and it feels so nice.  We have not traveled today but we did take full advantage of a walk near the local river in the sunshine and just enjoyed the warmth of the sun rays and the sound of the river in full flow. Still filling with the rainwater from the hills. I can honestly say there is no nicer sound than the river and the birds singing, the heavenly
sunshine finally warming the land and putting a smile on our faces. The blackberries are riper than ever in the garden hanging over the terrace and inviting us to eat...although there is a queue for this natural delicacy..the birds seem to have first choice of the best berries, wings is an advantage!
This afternoon I will be listing some very nice items and working a little on the Merrylegs store, so please feel free to take a look, I really try very hard to find the nicest and stylish items that I can to share with my customers xx
Much love and happy shopping

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Preparing for the Vintage Fair in Camarthen!!

Some of our items for the Camarthen Vintage Fair this Saturday!!!
Vintage clothing and handbags
Perfect vintage patterns

Vintage Snowglobes
Hello, hoping everyone is fine and happy today! Well finally we had sunshine today and its been a busy time, getting stock together and choosing the nicest items to take to the Vintage Fair this Saturday. It should be an exciting day and a new experience for us as new shop owners!  I have visited many wonderful Vintage shows and fairs but never had my own stall, so im quite nervous but hopeful for a successful day and a new learning experience for Merrylegs and Tiptoes!!
So signing out for now, in need of a nice cup of tea and perhaps a biscuit or two!
Much love!!
Mary-rose xx

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


My world and my joy
Hey everyone!
Really hope everyone is doing ok this afternoon and I guess I just wanted to show this picture off to be honest! Its not the best picture, its a bit dark and perhaps unprofessional as selfies go but what it does have in its favour is a portrayal of ultimate happiness which has really been the most spectacular achievement of my life so far, I am so proud of this man who has helped me overcome sadness and difficulty and continues to be my rock and my joy....
Available on Merrylegs and Tiptoes right now!!!
So there it is my thoughts for happiness today!
So just to add...I have added a few more items to the Merrylegs store and I really hope you like them, sales are beginning to happen and Im really enjoying the experience so god bless everyone and much, much love xxx

Merry Legs & Tiptoes @ Carmarthen Vintage Festival 29th August 2015

Come and visit us in the marquee in Guildhall Square from 9 am.   Warm welcome and great choice of vintage goods on sale.   See you there!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Starring role for seagulls

Hi everyone on this wet and miserable day!! I'm still trying to smile even though it seems to be have been raining forever now, although yesterday we did escape to Newquay for an hour just for some tea and chips and whilst I was there, I took this quick and I'm sorry to say rather unprofessional video as I've managed to get my finger in the way......ho well, it gives an idea of the beauty of the coastline here in Wales and the seagulls enjoyed a starring role!!
Today I've added a few new items to Merry Legs and Tiptoes, I adore the teapot set for Christmas and I think you may,
bye bye for now!! Much, much love, Mary-rose xx

Monday, August 24, 2015

Dylan Thomas and Laugharne, an exciting day!!

Well as you can see, yesterday was a very exciting day, we went to the most pretty and traditional Welsh town of Laugharne, the place where Dylan Thomas is buried and we visited his grave and also his wife Caitlyn.  Despite the rain and trying desperately to stay on my feet in the most unsuitable shoes imaginable, we really enjoyed the little town and I really am looking forward to a visit in sunnier times! Today more vintage items on Merrylegs and Tiptoes, so please enjoy...lots of love......Mary-rose

Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's raining again but I don't care!!

Well here I am sitting in my comfy armchair with my cat cuddled up beside me and a cuppa, I know it's raining outside and I'm very tired but I can't help feeling I'm very lucky indeed!
Today I was incredibly lucky to find another beautiful Jaques Vert Hat which I just had to dress up in! So tomorrow I will add the hat and a few other surprises to Merrylegs and Tiptoes!
Now I'm planning a Halloween party and yes I know it's a little early but it's just so exciting! So if anyone has any ideas for a spooky time, I'd love to hear them!!
Love to you all!
Mary-rose xx

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Busy day!

Hello readers
Well I had hoped to be typing this on a lovely August night but alas its not to be and it feels so much more like an autumnal night.
However I do like the nights drawing in and cosy evenings but a little more sunshine would be welcome please!
So today has been quite a busy productive day, I have baked a cake slightly dissapointed as it did not rise sufficiently, what miracle do you need to get the tall fluffy cakes you find in those wonderful tea rooms under glass....ho well it looks quite nice, the full extent of my cake decorating skills came to the fore!


Why I ask myself do we have such rain today? Is this perhaps my punishment for eating far too many chips these past few day, however I did resist the temptation of the strawberry ice, now that has to be a saving grace, surely....she smiles.....
So this morning, checks watch....afternoon, I have added some extremely nice items to my shop, so perhaps if you have a spare moment or two....check them out....there is a cute panda, who is just the sweetest creature ever or perhaps the elegant Royal Worcester Salt and pepper pots, whatever takes youre fancy!....please have a good day and keep smiling.....its only rain or as dad would say God is putting vinegar on his chips!!! bless.........

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Getting back to normal!

Hey there!
Sorry ive been a little quiet for the last few days, finally we have had a few days at the seaside and finally my fiancee has been in the sea and actually enjoyed the experience!
So finally now he may venture on to the beach in shorts and not his suit, gotta love him!
So my title, getting back to normal, well if there is such a thing as normal, I doubt this but secretly hope that there isnt because lets face it, would normal not be a very boring thing to be!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Come back SUNSHINE!!!!!!

Hello everyone!
Well im wondering where the sunshine has hidden itself but hopefull it will make a welcome return tomorrow and enable me to carry on with my tan! So to happier things, I have just listed some beautiful items in my etsy shop, MERRYLEGS AND TIPTOES!!
So if you need a little retail therapy whilst waiting for that blue sky to reappear, please be welcome to take a look at my shop and perhaps find a little something special to cheer the the grey clouds away!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Luxurious few days of heaven

Hello everyone! Back from a luxurious few days of heaven at the seaside and a few days in Oxford! Breaking all the rules of not eating curry and chips and now im feasting my way through a box of chocolates but hey never mind.....Im tired but my excuse is mountaineers carry chocolate for energy, it seems only polite
to follow this example! So here I have added my idea of heaven, the seaside....where I become child again!! Also this particular seaside has extremely nice fish and chips but perhaps the less said of that the better! So now im busily adding new items to my please all welcome to look!!!!!!!! Life has to get back to normal and I have some particularly nice vintage items for sale now, check out the boots from designer Helen Bateman and the Pressler dress and earings to match! Treat yourself to something special and unique from MERRYLEGS AND TIPTOES!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Today is the start of a few days away from home and an adventure of travel, to Brecon later this evening and then to Oxford for a few days! Having always wanted to visit Oxford, this prospect is highly enticing and I'm excited! Planning my souvenir shopping already....nearest snowglobes! I have a childhood obsession for glass domes and snow....still it's innocent! So hopefully I will see very special scenes along the way and indeed in Oxford and I'm sorry but I will be like the neighbour with the annoying holiday snaps!! However I will publish the best on here! So much love for now.............

Sunday, August 2, 2015

I have decided that after a very pleasant afternoon yesterday when I viewed a rather wonderful display of vintage clothing and was disappointed to not find any items in a larger size than a twelve that I really must increase my mission to find much more vintage clothing items in a size 16 and above. It annoys me as the most beautiful film stars and vintage icons were more than likely to have been wonderfully curvy and celebrated this look!
 Beautiful vintage display
So yes this is to be my mission.
So please keep checking on my website to see the latest arrivals of vintage and stylish goods.
Much love......

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Good morning everyone, everywhere who will just by chance see this!
Well good so far, it's not raining and secondly I'm awake of sorts, posting pictures of yesterday, another wonderful day with my fiancée! Yes I did say that, fiancee, sometimes I have to stop, take a breath that 7 months ago I was trapped in a sad disruptive relationship and now im with an angel and for the first time prayer worked for me! So here's to new beginnings and a positive way forward.
So yesterday we went to Brecon here in Beautiful Wales and to promote a wonderful concert in Brecon Cathedral on Tuesday evening. The music is to be performed by A Top Austrian Choir who will be superb, so please all welcome, should you be free and the concert is treat yourself However it did not go quite to plan as my fiancée did do most of the work while I sat in a nail bar, bliss, I have to admit.....the most difficult part, which colour!! But hey, we all deserve a little pampering and he did pay....