Thursday, August 13, 2015

Luxurious few days of heaven

Hello everyone! Back from a luxurious few days of heaven at the seaside and a few days in Oxford! Breaking all the rules of not eating curry and chips and now im feasting my way through a box of chocolates but hey never mind.....Im tired but my excuse is mountaineers carry chocolate for energy, it seems only polite
to follow this example! So here I have added my idea of heaven, the seaside....where I become child again!! Also this particular seaside has extremely nice fish and chips but perhaps the less said of that the better! So now im busily adding new items to my please all welcome to look!!!!!!!! Life has to get back to normal and I have some particularly nice vintage items for sale now, check out the boots from designer Helen Bateman and the Pressler dress and earings to match! Treat yourself to something special and unique from MERRYLEGS AND TIPTOES!!

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