Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wales In Sunshine

Good afternoon everybody
Well the weather is absolutely spectacular today, everyone is smiling and the feel good factor is here.
I shall be listing a few items today and I hope you will like them but I just thought I would share the beautiful views at Aberporth this morning, I wish I could have stayed all day but work has to be done and well home is always nice too. So please enjoy the pictures of beautiful Aberporth in the morning sunshine.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

My beautiful home village!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well tonight and keeping warm although the weather has been spectacular today, I wanted to share some pictures of Llandysul my home village and I had to walk up a very steep hill to take these pictures, so hope you enjoy xx
The view across the valley
The famous church here in Llandysul
The sky looks dreamy and the trees still so green and lush

Friday, September 25, 2015

Summer here again?

Good afternoon everyone!
Well I do not know what has happened to the weather but oh my goodness! Its so very hot, all of a sudden and its delightful.
I have had a busy day listing items for the MERRYLEGS Store, its been fun really because I have been able to list some of the Halloween outfits and accessories which are just the ticket for Halloween! I must admit I do love Halloween and the fun and excitement of dressing up and its great for the little ones! Oh and of course there is usually a few bits of chocolate going astray from the trick or treat bowl!!! Bye for now xx

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Huge Cakes!

The RUGBY is kinda popular here!!!
Good evening everyone!
I hope you are all well and happy tonight on this dark and chilly night here in Wales!
Earlier I posted pictures of the beautiful river in Newcastle Emlyn and I really loved those pictures but just look at these cakes! So now Ive made you all hungry, its time to bid you good night and sweet dreams xx Much love....Mary-rose Keep checking in on Merrylegs!!!!
Wow!!! They are also covered with dolly mixtures!

Good afternoon from sunny Wales!

Hi everyone!
I hope you have got some of the late summer sunshine that we are being treated to today! Gosh its a lovely are some pictures I took a few hours ago, unbelievably the river was at the bottom of someones garden! I dont wish to appear jealous but I so would love to live in their house with a view like that! ohhh sooo lucky people! Please take a look at my store and enjoy the new items that I have added today! Speak soon and have a wonderful afternoon! Mary-rose xx

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sleep well and have a peaceful night

Just a very quick hello to say...please keep checking in on my Merrylegs store, today I added beautiful and unique items for your perusal, hey that is a posh word but you know what I mean, I just hope you like the new additions!
Unfortunately I went out this evening and forgot my camera and yes you guessed it, there were the most beautiful sunsets beautiful to see, but I do like to share with you...So note to oneself to not be so forgetful in future, so god bless everyone and have a peaceful night and sweet dreams.. Much love as always xx

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Hi there everyone!
Penbryn Church
I hope you are all well and enjoying a safe and happy evening! Wow the nights are drawing in, I,have just realised how dark it is tonight and that I am hungry so I guess I had better eat something when I've finished this. So just to let you all know, I have added many new items to the store and  have tomorrow some wonderful vintage clothing items to list, so please do look out for them as they are quite special! I really hope you like the pictures, it is a joy to live in this beautiful country of Wales.
So I wish you a wonderful night and much love, please keep enjoying the vintage store xx
Beautiful Penbryn Beach
Yesterday evening we decided to go for a drive to the seaside quite unexpected and I will just share a few photos with you because the scenery was just spectacular!
The ruined castle at Newcastle Emlyn

Friday, September 18, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Good evening everyone!
I hope you are all feeling great and are looking forward to a happy and hopefully sunny weekend.
I've had a busy week finding new items for the Merrylegs store and I am on a new venture looking out to buy vintage Halloween outfits and theatrical dress, some of which I will display and sell to Halloween obsessed people like myself. I do love it when the little ones dress up as ghosts and pumpkins and the little girls in witch costumes or though thinking about it, last year we had a lot of sweet little black cats! All lovely but you have to pretend to be scared, when you answer the door, the kids love it! So I guess Id better start stocking up on candy very soon! Please take a look at these wonderful  gloves on my store. Imagine the possibilities with a Victorian outfit! So signing off for now....Have a wonderful peaceful evening and much love to you all!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Hello everyone on this rather colder and darker evening... but never mind, its coming closer to the wonderful Autumnal season and the colours are starting to change on the trees and its going to be a gorgeous spectacular array of reds, browns and greens very soon.Please also feel free to visit my etsy store, there are going to be so many pretty and wonderful items which I will be listing very soon and tomorrow there will be new items as always! So God bless and much love for a peaceful night xx

A rather beautiful chirch that I saw today, really lovely in the brief sunshine

Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday nights, cosy inside!

Good evening everyone!
I hope everyone is well and feeling happy tonight, Im just sitting here composing a few thoughts to share and I realise its Friday night because Ive just been to a viewing for an auction here tomorrow at the village hall, I have spotted a delightful water fountain, an inside one, I hasten to add and it is gorgeous, it has animals on, big plus! Also it looks quite vintage, so I doubt if I can sleep tonight because I really would like this item very much!!!!! So please keep your fingers crossed that Im lucky and then I will feature it on my blog and you will see just how delightful it is!!! Ive added a few photos which I took earlier on the way home from Lovely Camarthen, I hope you like, so ill say sleep well tonight, a peaceful and happy weekend I wish to you.....Much love.......Mary-rose xx
Isnt this boy handsome
Magnificent  cattle!
Spotted this unusual item earlier...the boat looks like its been beached for quite a while and strangely this is a farm!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer days are here again!

Good afternoon everyone!
Isn't the sunshine just gorgeous, I feel so much better in the sunshine and everything feels so much more cheerful!
Just to let you guys know, ive just listed more items on the Merry Legs & Tiptoes store and I am just taking a break before the chores! Well we know they have to be done at least my floor will dry in no time in this heat!! So Guys if you get a chance later with an afternoon cuppa or a coffee, try take a quick peak at the new items Ive listed and any comments are always welcome...Much love xx Enjoy the Sunshine!!
Why Im smiling at the thought of mopping the floor and unblocking the hoover, a complete mystery!! caption

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New listings and dark evenings!

Hello everyone!
Hoping everyone is feeling well tonight, I've been a little bit quiet for me, my sniffle that I had a few nights ago has turned into a rather annoying cold, so  I've been been taking it easy but still trying to find new items for Merry Legs & Tiptoes!
So today I've listed a few rather nice items especially the Art Deco frame as pictured here.... Also tonight has anyone noticed just how dark its getting and earlier, as my dad used to say the nights are drawing in, I never quite understood that phrase until now and its feels so Autumy, if thats a word and I had a flashback to fireworks and bonfires, oh too soon on the horizon but I do love Autumn and the beautiful colours that the trees change through and the sound you make when you walk through the fallen leaves, crunchy cornflakes, dad called it! So God bless everyone and have a peaceful night, im going to try sleep away my cold and look forward to Autumn fast approaching. Much love xxxxx
A really nice antique frame, very homely looking

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Another cosy evening

Good evening everyone!
I hope everyone is feeling well today although I do not fall into that category tonight, Ive got a cold in September! How unlucky can a person be, I should be sunning myself on a beach, eating a picnic on the brecon hills....anything nice but ahhh noooo,
Ive caught cold and Im sitting with the heating on and eating Tomato soup. my comforter in all ailments! Even the chocolate and cream cake is not enticing me....So on a more positive note, today Ive listed some wonderful vintage toys and the most amazing brass magazine rack, I really adore this because of the Nautical scene, it is a feature of being born at the seaside, Bridlington to be exact and ever since the timeless appeal of the sea, holds me within its delight.
So theres my little reminiscing for tonight and I hope you enjoyed the pictures and please feel free to take a look at the Merrylegs and Tiptoes Store and enjoy the Vintage delights xx Much love xx

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Merry Legs & Tiptoes on the Road!

Come and meet us in person!

Saturday 5th September 2015

Sunday 20th September 2015 


Carmarthen Antiques and Flea Market
 Sunday 27th September 2015

You can always check out
MerryLegsandTiptoes on Etsy
New items every day!

Cosy Evening...heating on in September?

Good evening everyone!
Well strangely its a September evening and still light and yes I must admit, I do love the cosy Autumnal Evenings but really this soon? So yes the request for the heating to be on was duly answered and now I am today I have not listed any new items because Ive been cleaning and making beautiful another Rocking horse and a beautiful casa roma horse pyjama case! So tomorrow I will list these gorgeous horses, please look out for them and other vintage items
The river is below and the cross appears on the bridge
So now a treat if you like my photography, although I can not really claim this picture as mine as my lovely Christopher took these pictures on the way home from of my favourite little towns and has the nicest shops and fish and chip shop! So I hope you enjoy the photos and have a lovely peaceful evening and a wonderful nights sleep..Think Im going to seek out my onesies! Much love xx Mary-Rose
This cross on a bridge is a rarity in the United Kingdom

The cross is actually a milestone and shows distance

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A most beautiful evening walk!

The love of my life
The beautiful rapids, my dream would be to open a restaurant next to the river where visitors could sit and admire!
Good evening everyone!
A very friendly Robin, tomorrow we take some crumbs for our new friend!
I thought it may be nice to share a few photos of our walk tonight in Llandysul, we both really needed some fresh air, so an evening walk was just the ticket. There was so much to see, the river was exceptionally dramatic with the sound of the rapids and the pre-historic slate all round, its amazing how the land has formed into shape, im sure that some of the steps to the river must be naturally formed, I was amazed by the sheer beauty which is right on my doorstep, I feel blessed tonight  and so content with life and so I wish you all a very good nights sleep and a peaceful night for one and all. Please feel free to visit Merrylegs store to see our new items, Im trying to expand my shop to show as many different and interesting items that I can find. Much, much love lovely people xxxx
Playing hide and seek but not hiding very well!

Thinking Tuesday is Monday day!!

Good afternoon everyone from a strange weather day when the weather conditions are changing by the minute! One minute the heating is on, the next the umbrella out and then the possibility of a sun chair...confused, yes just a little!
So today I have listed a few more items to hopefully tempt a lovely shopper and yes its a good safe day to be internet shopping, indoors, but with the possibility to break for sun, should it appear for longer than two minutes.
Belle Kitten
Belle my lovely kitten is trying to be helpful and looks cute but im not sure a paw on the keyboard really helps...Bless her xx
So back to work and please everyone feel free to enjoy Merrylegs store. New items listed daily by myself and BELLE XX                         PURRFECTION