Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Hi there everyone!
Penbryn Church
I hope you are all well and enjoying a safe and happy evening! Wow the nights are drawing in, I,have just realised how dark it is tonight and that I am hungry so I guess I had better eat something when I've finished this. So just to let you all know, I have added many new items to the store and  have tomorrow some wonderful vintage clothing items to list, so please do look out for them as they are quite special! I really hope you like the pictures, it is a joy to live in this beautiful country of Wales.
So I wish you a wonderful night and much love, please keep enjoying the vintage store xx
Beautiful Penbryn Beach
Yesterday evening we decided to go for a drive to the seaside quite unexpected and I will just share a few photos with you because the scenery was just spectacular!
The ruined castle at Newcastle Emlyn

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