Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New listings and dark evenings!

Hello everyone!
Hoping everyone is feeling well tonight, I've been a little bit quiet for me, my sniffle that I had a few nights ago has turned into a rather annoying cold, so  I've been been taking it easy but still trying to find new items for Merry Legs & Tiptoes!
So today I've listed a few rather nice items especially the Art Deco frame as pictured here.... Also tonight has anyone noticed just how dark its getting and earlier, as my dad used to say the nights are drawing in, I never quite understood that phrase until now and its feels so Autumy, if thats a word and I had a flashback to fireworks and bonfires, oh too soon on the horizon but I do love Autumn and the beautiful colours that the trees change through and the sound you make when you walk through the fallen leaves, crunchy cornflakes, dad called it! So God bless everyone and have a peaceful night, im going to try sleep away my cold and look forward to Autumn fast approaching. Much love xxxxx
A really nice antique frame, very homely looking

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